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AYA in 2023

2022 was a year of experimentation for our new label - we hosted three unforgettable events in New York City and put out two tracks as a means of testing the waters and getting best practices into place.

Since then, we've been quietly reorganizing, strategizing and building out our ideas from the ground up. Ahead of the New Year where we'll finally be sharing new material we cannot wait to release, we're launching a new community space to bring together our artists, supporters, collaborators and colleagues.

Plus, we're rolling out access to affiliate & collaboration programs, publicly accepting demos, and preparing to launch our first remix competition with $5,000 worth of prizes. More details below! 

Affiliate & Collaborator Programs: 

In 2023 we're launching new incentives for our creators and collaborators to help grow our collective organically. Artists, influencers, and supporters will be able to participate in affiliate programs to receive commission on merchandise, tickets and music sold via our new store.

Additionally, creators & third parties can contact us for collaborative opportunities and co-creation with us and our network of artists. You can join the affiliate program or contact us for collaborative opportunities at the links below:



Artists & Partners: 

Our artists will have the opportunity to use our platform to do more than simply release music - we're partnering with designers and merchandise distributors to bring high quality merchandise solutions with low overhead, and venturing into music production resources like sound banks, sample packs, tutorials & more. Artists and partnered organizations will have access to our network of distribution, affiliates, and collaborators - and we're helping them to set up the same systems and tools we'll be using, to establish and/or grow their own brands.

Events, Promos & VIP Members: 

The community space will tie together our various auxiliary content offers such as pre-release promos, VIP membership subscription, exclusive event access and more. In addition to the aforementioned programs and partnerships, we'll be using this space as a means of connecting artists and fans.

As we continue to experiment and grow our little corner of the internet, we certainly want to hear your feedback and suggestions to make this website and our project overall a valuable resource for artists, creators, and fans alike.

Demos & Remix Contests:

We are officially accepting public demo submissions, which can be sent via the contact page on our website or through our LabelRadar page:


Lastly, we're partnering with LabelRadar & others to launch a series of remix contests and other opportunities for artists. This hasn't yet been announced publicly, but if you're here and read this far - you can get a head start on the first contest of 2023.

Download the remix pack for Monoverse - Learning To Love, and enter your remix your chance to win an official release and $5k worth of prizes from Hyperbits, LabelRadar, AYA & more:


We'd love to hear your thoughts over at our community page. We should also note that we've moved to a new distributor for our releases, and have revamped our look a bit.

As a thanks for reading, have a first look at the artwork for some forthcoming releases on As You Are in the New Year: 


Much to look forward to in the New Year that we're excited to share with you! 
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