As You Are  AYA Music Group is an electronic music record label, media outlet & events management organization founded in New York.
The title of the project represents its ethos for the creators involved, the team behind them, and the audience they capture – a group of passionate music lovers embracing self-expression, bringing together their strengths as individuals to collaborate and innovate as a collective.

AYA Music Group looks beyond standard models of record labels, exploring new mediums to create a sustainable outlet that generates value and meaning for both the artists and their audience. As You Are seeks to better support creators, cultivate relationships with like-minded people, and give back to effective causes on local and global scales.

Empowerment, philanthropy, and activism are at the heart of the As You Are project, using the platform to contribute to altruistic causes such as the Giving What We Can Pledge,and collaborating with companies like KLIMA DAO and Thought For Food; tackling issues of sustainability, carbon footprints, and climate change in live events and entertainment industries with creative solutions.